About Me

I am Michael Perry a car enthusiast and I take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog Car Direct.

If you are passionate about cars then you have come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you are into Trucks, SUVs, sedans or minis, here as long as you have a passion for cars then you will find content that will be relevant to you.

It’s my mission to do the research, collate and write informative articles about different aspects about the auto industry from the cars, to the manufacturers to the parts and so on, and it is my hope that someone out there will be truly transformed by my content. All the content I share will be based on my own personal thoughts and opinions strengthened by objective research therefore I am open to your critic.

If you find information that is doubtful, I will appreciate if you can challenge me based on the facts and I will be happy to engage you in the discourse.

I look forward to your company.